Teams – Past and Present

Below are short biographies on the teams that have been active in The Garage.


Bear Hands Designs

Entrepreneur | Tucker Walsh

Bear Hands Designs offers engineering solutions and innovative product design in the field of consumer products.  We are comprised of individuals with skills from business and management to engineering and manufacturing.  We will develop and design products for consumers in a wide range of fields – from toys to medical devices.

Food Ease

Entrepreneur | Luna Ambaye

Unlike every other recipe application that lists hundreds of standard recipes, Food Ease lets you enter the names of the ingredients that one has on-hand, and the app displays the dishes that can be made with those ingredients.  We save people time and provide a fast and convenient way to discover new recipe ideas while using the ingredients they already have available.


Entrepreneur | Christian De Los Santos

InVenture has a passion for the outdoors, and we strive to bring innovative gear to the world of car-camping.  There is yet to be a company that specializes in car-camping equipment.  We will tap into this untouched industry, offering innovative gear to easily transform your vehicle into a camper.  We are creating a compact sleeping platform system that can be easily assembled in a variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Lot Spot

Entrepreneur | Connor McCormick

Lot Spot is a data collection and distribution company aiming to enhance parking efficiency for universities and large corporations.  We enhance efficiency through the collection and distribution of parking information.


Entrepreneur | Jewell Anne Hartman

Nanometa uses nano-engineering to control the propagation of light at the molecular level to build meta-materials with negative refraction in the visible spectrum.  We are exploring three revenue models:

  • Technology licensing to optics companies, mass market electronic companies, and biomedical imaging companies
  • Research and Development contract work
  • Development of optical setups, services, and devices for consumer facing sales

Peak Social Insights

Entrepreneur | Taylor Rodriguez

Peak Social Insights is a creative marketing firm that specializes in unique and innovative marketing.  We are a service-based marketing business providing creative campaigns, event marketing, and graphic design.


Entrepreneur | Justin Hein

QuikCycle provides short-term bike rentals that are offered at a low cost to get an individual around town with ease.  We offer short-term micro bike leases on campuses and in urban environments via Donkey Republic bike lock.

Ride Attire

Entrepreneur | Kayla Jacks

Ride Attire produces lifestyle biking apparel to keep riders dry and smelling fresh through eco-friendly, renewable fabrics manufactured in the USA.  We are a B2C company that offers a unique biking lifestyle brand – hemp blend t-shirts.  Through an initial crowd-funding approach, we are now offering a full inventory of sizes and color options.  Ride Attire will also offer creative graphics that reflect the personality of the brand.  We plan to grow into a full line of apparel items, as well as apparel accessories and hard goods.

Socül LLC

Entrepreneur | Nate Thuli

Socül (sō_Shəl) LLC is a tech startup developing upon the convergence of beautiful product design and innovative technology, seamlessly, in service of the product goal.   We have been developing algorithmic financial trading strategies and are currently developing the Socül Mug.  The vision behind Socül is to enhance end user experiences with harmony between physical design and technical capability.  We focus on products with both B2C and B2B aspects, understanding the value of crowd-sourcing big data and the collective potential of networked products.


Entrepreneurs | Andrew Stevenson and Lee Haider

Trof is a mobile app that connects people and travelers within a community over local eats.  We believe that food can serve as a catalyst that connects cultures and people.

Waxy Sheets

Entrepreneur | Hayden Sinchak

Waxy Sheets provides products to the skiing community that makes your ski / snowboard maintenance easier, over all.  Our headliner product is the Waxy Sheet which is a rolled up, universally-sized sheet that makes waxing easy and hassle free.  We plan on selling to both individual consumers and ski shops.  Customers can buy our products from our website or through partnering stores and ski shops.


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