Created in 2015, the Garage at UCCS is a student entrepreneurship center that helps UCCS students develop and execute business venture ideas.  In this unique space, student entrepreneurs can gain access to equipment and services needed to establish their bu

<a href=”” style=”text-decoration: none; color:#333″>sample essay for national honor society</a>siness and obtain mentoring and guidance from UCCS faculty and business leaders in the community that will help their budding business grow. Our center is located on the third floor of the Osborne Center for Science & Engineering and is designed to inspire students to be successful through courses, workshops, events, and other activities to start them on the path of becoming future visionaries and leaders. “The key to a space like this is to co-locate companies from different industries.  They have a spillov

<a href=”” style=”text-decoration: none; color:#333″>cheap essay writing service uk</a>er effect with the knowledge each management team has about their market, technology and customers that they could not get if they were operating somewhere else on their own.  We are a hybrid between a (startup) accelerator and a co-working space.”   (Dr. Tom Duening, El Pomar Chair of Business and Entrepreneurship)


To be a student company in The Garage, individuals or teams need to submit an application and make it through the selection process.  Once selected, the company principle(s) (those who will be using The Garage) will need to register for our Entrepreneurial Independent study class (1-3 credits) during which they will work on developing their company. Teams will have milestones to meet during their time in The Garage.  In return, students will receive access to the shared facility, some dedicated space/storage, and direct faculty mentoring.  In addition, they will have unique opportunities to interact with community entrepreneurs, mentors, and angels.  UCCS does not require any fees or royalties on companies created in this space.

If you have a team that is interested click the button below to apply.