Created in 2015, the Garage at UCCS is an entrepreneurship center that provides students with the necessary resources, skills and mentoring to become successful, innovators and entrepreneurs. Our center is designed to inspires students to successfully through courses, workshops, events and other activities to assist them to become future visionaries and leaders.


To be a student company in the garage, the teams need to submit application documents, be selected, and the company principles of who will be in the space will need to be registered for our Entrepreneurial Independent study class (for 1-3 credits). Teams will have milestones for the company and its learning, In return, students will receive access to share facilities, some dedicated space/storage, direct faculty mentorship, plus unique opportunities to interact with community entrepreneurs, mentors and angels.

Current teams include Trof, Nanometa, and others.

If you have a team that is interested click the button below to apply.